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Muharem ef. Hasanbegović



  Muharem ef. Hasanbegović was born in 1946 in Cazin (in exile, where his family lived after leaving Foča in the World War II).

He left Gazi Husref-bey's madrasa (Moslem religious secondary school) in Sarajevo and Philological Faculty in Belgrade, department for Oriental (Near Eastern) studies. He worked as imam in Kopači, and leading imam in Goražde, then in Gazi Husref-bey's library, Publishing Center of the Riyaset „El-Kalem" and he was the general secretary of the Culture Club of Bosniaks „Preporod". He was a member of the representative bodies and committees of the Islamic Community, Congress and Executive Committee of „Udruženje Ilmijje" (Ilmijja association).

In the rigged political trial in 1980, as the leading imam of the medzlis of the Islamic Community Goražde, he was sentenced to a seven-year prison term.

During the aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992 he was badly wounded, and after the recovery, at the end of 1994, he was appointed to be the chief of the Reis-ul-ulema's Cabinet and he still does that job. He was chosen to be the chairman of the Main Committee of „Udruženje Ilmijje" (Ilmijja association) in 1998, and on the Voting Conference of „Udruženje Ilmijje" (Ilmijja association), which was held in 2007, he was chosen to be the chairman of  „Udruženje Ilmijje" (Ilmijja association) of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina.