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Address: Ul. Isa-bega Ishakovića br. 2, 71000 Sarajevo

tel./fax: (033) 441 - 573;  239 - 404

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Reis-ul-ulama's cabinet is daily involved in various kinds of activities that are of importance for the Islamic Community, we shall emphasize the following:

1)      planning, organizing and realization of daily, weekly and periodical activities of the Reis-ul-ulama and jobs and tasks of the Office employees;

2)      organizing Reis-ul-ulama's and deputy of the Reis-ul-ulama's oral and written correspondence;

3)      organizing Reis-ul-ulama's and deputy of the Reis-ul-ulama's protocol activities in the Office as well as outside, including receptions and visits;

4)      establishing and realizing of the communication and contacts with internal and external public and the media, statements, reactions, interviews, announcements and similar;

5)      activities in connection with relations to Islamic world and non-Muslim religious communities, in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as in the world.


Chief of the Office

Besides taking care about functioning of the Office, chief of the Reis-ul-ulama's Office takes care of the correspondence addressed to Reis-ul-ulama and deputy of the Reis-ul-ulama. He also takes care of the agenda and protocol activities, supervises its realization and carrying out other jobs and tasks within Office's competence.

Chief of the Reis-ul-ulama's Office is Rifat Fetić.