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The Islamic Community's Constitutional Court has five members: five judges and Secretary of the Court. The Judges of the Constitutional Court are:


1. Osman Kozlić MA, President of the Constitutional Court, lecturer of Fikh and Hadith at Behram-Bey's Madrasah in Tuzla.

2. Mujo Sušić, Vice-President of the Constitutional Court, lecturer in Fikh at the Gazi Husrev-Bey's Madrasah in Sarajevo.

3. Professor Enes Ljevaković Ph.D, lecturer of Sharia Law at the Faculty of Islamic Studies in Sarajevo.

4. Jusuf Šeta, attorney from Zenica

5. Adnan Omanović, attorney from Zagreb


The Secretary of the Constitutional Court of the Islamic Community is Nurif Herić, an attorney from Sarajevo.

The current members of the Constitutional Court took up duty on 24 December 2008. Their appointments each last six years, with the possibility of reelection.