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The Herald

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Address: 2 Isa-bega Ishakovića Street, 71000 Sarajevo
                Tel/Fax: 535 255         
     The Heralds the official newsletter of the Riyasat of the Islamic Community, and is published every two months. The Herald publishes the Islamic Community’s official documents, such as decisions, conclusions of meetings of the Riyasat and of the Assembly, regulations, decrees regarding the appointment of imams and muftis, the appointments of presidents of various facilities and educational institutions, reports, announcements, annual reports on the activities of the Riyasat, minutes from the Riyasat meetings and Assemblies etc.
    All original writings in the Herald are published with a short summary in English and Arabic. Furthermore, the current Hutba, other topics, as well as reviews of new books or journals are regular components of every issue.
     The Herald’s first issue was published in January 1993. The Herald was launched by the Supreme Office of the Islamic Community in Belgrade, and came out regularly until 1945. After a five year pause, the magazine was re-launched in 1950. Publication was once again stopped during the war, in 1993, but was reinstituted, and has been published regularly from the beginning of 1994 to the present day.
      The Herald’s Editor-in-charge is Mehmedalija Hadžić.