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Dr. Nedžad ef. Grabus

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Dr. Nedžad ef. Grabus was born in Travnik, BiH. He finished his high school studies from Gazi Husref-bey's madrasa in Sarajevo, he graduated at the Faculty of Islamic Studies, Sarajevo, where he earned his Masters' degree as well. He worked for religious-educational service of the Riyaset of the Islamic Community in BiH, and was a lecturer at the Faculty of Islamic Studies - subject Akaid. He also worked as a reporter and the producer for the Radio BiH and was an editor of the religious program on the national radio station BH Radio 1. In the year 2006 he was appointed the mufti of Ljubljana and after that was elected the chairman of the Meshihat of the Islamic Community in Slovenia. He wrote various articles and translated many texts. He was an active participant of numerous round tables and seminars.