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Islamic Community condemns the shameful campaign against the Resolution at the UN General Assembly

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The Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina condemns the shameful campaign led by political, academic, media, and unfortunately, some religious elites in the Republic of Serbia and parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina against the adoption of the Resolution at the UN General Assembly tomorrow. This Resolution establishes the "International Day of Reflection and Commemoration of the Genocide in Srebrenica 1995" and honors the victims of the genocide. The Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina warns the domestic and international public about the worrying trend of promoting hatred towards the surviving victims of the genocide, which is the result of this brutal and well-organized campaign. The Islamic Community calls on the competent judicial institutions to prosecute those responsible for spreading hate speech and inciting national, racial, and religious hatred, discord, and intolerance.

The pinnacle of disgrace was shown by the Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who, while being a guest on Serbian national television, mocked the victims of the genocide and those who survived it.

The unilateral renaming of streets in Srebrenica, nullifying the political will of the Bosniaks in this city, as well as announcements of political and other gatherings in the city where the genocide was committed with the aim of intimidating returnees, will not prevent the adoption of the resolution nor the internationally established truth about the genocide by international courts. Such actions will only deepen divisions in society, prevent the building of trust, and further distance those who have taken this path from the true values of the civilized world.

The Resolution, which will be adopted tomorrow at the General Assembly, is the best opportunity for the Serbian elites, especially those who were not part of the genocidal project, to save the dignity of their people, condemn the genocide, distance themselves from the genocidal project, and confront the past so that we can all turn to a future where there will be no place for those who mock the victims of genocide or those who spread hatred towards survivors because they want to remember their murdered ones.

Office of the Grand Mufti