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Bosnia's head mufti calls for “humane treatment of migrants”

reisu l ulema kavazovic 7

Head of Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina called on all local and international factors to do their part in solving the migrant crisis “without politicizing and small daily political interests.”

Head mufti Husein Kavazovic said he understood all security aspects of the illegal migrations and that this problem should not be burdening only a few local communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but that “the treatment of migrants that we see nowadays is unacceptable.”

He stressed that the authorities at all levels must take over the responsibility and help in solving this problem together with the European Union, international organisations and the countries the migrants come from.

“The inhumane and humiliating treatment of these people is a shame for Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Europe. This is not how we treat those in need. And while the solution to how BiH and EU will protect themselves from illegal migrations is sought for, it is of utmost importance that they stay open to refugees and those who need protection, while those who are victims of human trafficking or illegal migrants are treated in a humane way and with humane dignity,” said Kavazovic.

The statement comes amid the ongoing migrant crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with hundreds of migrants being left without a shelter, while they are awaiting approval to be accommodated at a place that local authorities provide them with.