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Raisu-l-Ulama Answers the Letter of Dr Abouzar Ebrahim from Iran

reis kavazovic mediji

Through the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Raisu-l-Ulama of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Husein ef. Kavazović, received a letter from Dr Abouzar Ebrahim, President of the Islamic Culture and Communication Organisation and President of the Council of Interreligious Dialogue in Iran. I his letter, Dr Ebrahim informed him of the problems citizens of Iran face in their fight against the Corona virus caused by the sanctions imposed upon this country. Dr Ebrahim asked Raisu-l-Ulama and other religious leaders to appeal to authorities to ease the sanctions against Iran pertaining to resources necessary to fight the spread of the Corona virus.

In his response, Raisu-l-Ulama appealed to all international leaders to forget about political dsagreements in this time of crisis and show humanity and responsibility. „Life and medical assistance are rights every victim of the virus must have, regardless of where they are located. Policy makers must not ignore the interests of the people. It is now time for reason and humanity to prevail.“, wrote Raisu-l-Ulama in his letter to Dr Ebrahim.