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Raisu-l-ulama`s proclamation to believers, scholars, citizens and government institutions: „We can no longer ignore the migrant crisis, everyone must take action“

reis kavazovic mediji

As the migrant crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina escalates, Raisu-l-ulama of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Husein ef. Kavazović, has issued the following proclamation:

With the arrival of winter and after a long period of neglect towards refugees, migrants and victims of human trafficking, we are facing a possible escalation of this problem, which could have devastating, long-term consequences.

The tragedy of migrants and refugees is great, and the suffering they endure in their journeys is immense. These people need our help, but that help must come from all institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is unacceptable to transfer the burden of the crisis to certain regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and certain levels of government only.

International organizations which are mandated by the UN to deal with this problem, and the EU, through which migrants often come to Bosnia and Herzegovina, should also contribute more to solving the crisis.

I especially call on to Muslim believers, and all people who feel for the suffering of others, to show their humanity. Muslims are taught by the Messenger (pbuh) that God helps those who help others and that one who goes to bed with a full stomach, while his neighbor is hungry, is not a true believer.

The Islamic Community, in accordance with its capacities, has been helping and will continue to help migrants, but cannot take over the duties of the state. Our citizens can show solidarity, but that cannot be a replacement for a systematic solution.

At the same time, I call on to everyone involved not to make this crisis into a political issue, but to perceive it, first and foremost, as a humanitarian catastrophe, which undoubtedly also has other consequences, including security and public health concerns.

It is also inappropriate to associate this problem with malicious conspiracy theories, which cause further tensions based on differences between nations and religions.

I am certain that, if we seriously commit to it, our people and the institutions of our government have enough potential to successfully face this challenge. The only unacceptable option is continuing to ignore the fact that these people are suffering before our very own eyes, and reaching for solutions which will not help them, but make their situation even worse, destroying their dignity and forcing them to live in most inhumane conditions.