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Bosnian Raisu-l-Ulama Kavazović condemns the Nobel Committee for Literature decision to award the Nobel Prize to controversial Austrian writer

reisu l ulema kavazovic 7

Sarajevo, 11 October 2019 –Raisu-l-ulama of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina Husein ef. Kavazović condemned the decision of the Literature Committee of the Swedish Academy of Sciences to award the Nobel Prize to controversial Austrian writer Peter Handke, calling it „a bad message and an insult to the victims of genocide and other crimes against humanity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Kosovo.“

In his statement to MINA, the Raisu-l-Ulama announced that he would call upon righteous Nobel Prize laureates to ask the Committee to revoke its decision and return their awards if that request is not granted. The Raisu-l-Ulama also expects writers' associations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and throughout the world to raise their voices against the destruction of values which men of letters should uphold.

„This is a horrifying message which will not contribute to facing history, reconciliation in the region or building a better future in which there's no glorification of war crimes and criminals, which Handke's social activism has been based on for years.“, says Rais Kavazović.