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Raisu-l-ulama's speech at the iftar with ambassadors

Sarajevo, May 28, 2019 (MINA) - Tonight in the Sarajevo City Hall, the reisu-l-ulema of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina Husein Ef. Kavazovic organized an iftar for accredited heads of diplomatic missions in BiH. In this traditional occasion, which was attended by over 40 foreign ambassadors and heads of diplomatic missions in BiH, reisu-l-ulema Kavazovic said in his address:

Your excellencies, dear friends,

Assalamu alaikum and good evening.

It is my honor and pleasure to host this iftar. The moment when we break our fast is the moment when, in each day of Ramadan, we celebrate the triumph of human will over weakness. And truly free and happy is only the one who has managed to control his weaknesses and desires.

We are happy to have the opportunity to share this joy with you.

Thank you all individually for deciding to join us and to spend the iftar time with us. That is a special honor for us.

Your excellencies,

Religious holidays of all religions, and especially traditional religious communities and churches in Bosnia and Herzegovina are a unique opportunity to come together and share joy with each other in the same way we share each other's sorrow. There is a saying: A sorrow shared, is a sorrow halved. A joy shared, is a joy doubled. That has always been a part of our Bosnian culture and tradition. Regardless of how we pray to God, we have always been together and shared joy and sorrow with each other.

Nowadays, when we often don't even have time to eat properly, and when we only see each other for business meetings, it is nice to have moments when we meet with each other without the pressures of everyday life, when we sit at the table together just to show honor and respect for each other, to look each other in the eye and ask about each other's health.

We all need meetings like that. Today, when fear and mistrust are purposely spread all accross the globe, personal meetings are what makes us human. And being human is the most beautiful, but also the most difficult, task in life.

That is why, in this beautiful building whose history carries so many important messages and lessons for all of us, on this beautiful evening in Sarajevo, I'd like to renew our friendship and covenant to stand by each other in all that is good and to solve all trials and problems together.

Your excellencies,

I'd like to thank you once again for the support you offer to our homeland Bosnia and Herzegovina, its integrity and its euro-atlantic integrations. Thank you all for supporting the Islamic community and interreligious dialogue in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

With sincere hope and prayer to God Almighty that you may live in prosperity, peace be with you all.

Thank you.