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Raisu-l-ulama wishes Jews a happy Hanukkah

reisu l ulema intervju

Sarajevo, December 13th 2017 (MINA) – Grand Mufti (Raisu-l- Ulama) of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Husein effendi Kavazović, sent his congratulations to Jews on the occasion of Hanukkah. In his message to Jakob Finci, the President of Jewish Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he said:

- To you and to all Jews in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I extend my sincerest congratulations on the occasion of Hanukkah, a celebration of freedom and light for the sons of Israel.

May you enjoy Hanukkah in joy and happiness with your families and neighbors. May God help all kind-hearted people persevere in the path of building peace and may He protect the freedom of our homeland, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We pray to the Almighty to help the sons of Ibraheem, the children of Abraham, bring peace, justice and prosperity to the city of Jerusalem.