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Islamic Community condemns warmongering rhetoric from neighboring countries' political centers

islamic community flagSarajevo, 15th November 2017 (MINA) – The Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina condemns war-mongering rhetoric coming from certain neighboring countries' political centers and threatening to undermine the already feeble process of building trust in the region.

Feeling morally and socially responsible to react in such a situation, the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina calls upon all political and media actors to show responsibility for our joint future.

The Community also warns all its members, Muslims in the homeland and other homeland countries, as well as all other citizens, not to allow themselves to be tricked by fake news, political spinning and propaganda aimed at promoting certain political interests at the cost of building trust and establishing truth among the nations of the region.

In particular, we urge the media and their owners to be responsible in their work and to avoid introducing terms such as „slaughtering,“ „war,“ „attacks,“ „the greatest enemies of our nation,“ into the public discourse.

We hope that we have all learned from the past war that a few lies, a little mistrust and a few irresponsible policies were all it took to cause the conflict, which eventually resulted in the genocide against Bosniaks. The people who were the greatest victim of that conflict must not allow to be denied their right to free political thought and free articulation of their political interests through threats of war and verbal attacks against their country's integrity.